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This is what makes WastePlan stand out in the waste industry

By Bertie Lourens 23rd March 2023 Waste Management

At WastePlan we see the value in your waste where most people consider it to be worthless. We create innovative ways to manage your waste to help you minimise what you send to landfill and transform that waste into a revenue stream for your business.


Here are the 3 key elements that makes us stand out in the waste industry;  

First, we create Zero Waste solutions by extracting value out of our customer’s waste and returning that value to our customers in the form of a profit-sharing model.  

Second, we have invested in a robust reporting system where our clients can log in at any time and view real, auditable, data about the waste we have collected and recycled for them.  

Third, we have a unique set of values; respect, integrity, humility, family, and fairness, which leads us to form a close-knit family and high performing team culture.   

Now, let's take a closer look at each of these elements that set us apart in the waste management industry. 


1. Zero Waste to Landfill  

We are dedicated to zero waste to landfill. 

Most waste management companies own their own landfill sites. They do some recycling on the side just to make sure there is an appearance of sustainability, but at the end of the day, they are encouraged to transport your waste to landfill as much as possible. After all landfill operating, and landfill management is a very profitable space. 

What makes us different is that we are not invested in landfills at all. 

We invest in recycling equipment.  

Our main goal is to find opportunities to divert waste away from landfills and seek innovative solutions for these waste items. To add to this, we also collaborate with our clients for opportunities to eliminate non-recyclable items from their waste streams.  

By running our own material recovery facilities and transportation assets, we can control all the waste until it is finally converted into raw material.  

Our goal is to provide zero waste to landfill opportunities for all our customers. The fact that we do not own any landfills , reaffirms this.  

According to Gary, our GM for Gauteng, what sets us apart is our commitment to diverting away from landfills and finding innovative solutions for the remaining waste.

Gary Gosling“We publish our overall diversion ratio. I have not seen another company do that. We divert 81% of all waste that we manage away from landfills. So, what that means is we have found solutions for 81% of the waste that we handle. 

We control the process from, collecting the waste on the client's site through to transporting the waste and processing it at our facility before we sell it off to the recyclers. This way we ensure that the handling of the waste is optimised, and we extract maximum value.” 


Let us help you to achieve your zero waste to landfill goals by first conducting a baseline assessment
on what is currently going to landfill. 

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2. Data optimising and reporting capabilities  

We have invested heavily in capturing the right waste information and reporting it in in a way that it makes sense to the customer. We own a data reporting platform where our customers can log in and receive real auditable data in close to real-time.  

According to Rakash, our General Manager for KZN,our unique reporting system provides our customers with real-time and auditable waste data, allowing them to make informed decisions about their waste management strategies.

Profile photo of Rakash Suknunun


"We leverage technology and data in our unique reporting systems. From a breakdown per recyclable material that was collected off their site, to what day it was collected and more. All the supporting paperwork is there as well as all our certificates"


All the data that the client will need for internal reporting, is available in one centralised space. 

Our biggest focus has gone into capturing accurate information on the site level. This is a real game changer in our industry, as most operators report inaccurately, and they work on guesstimates. 


3. The way we treat our staff  

 This might be the most essential element to what makes us different. 

We love our values! 

We make sure that every interaction, as far as we can control it, with every staff member has the necessary respect included in the message. We treat our staff with fairness as far as possible.

According to Leslie our General Manager for Cape Town, we have an exceptional team spirit in our business.

Leslie van Zyl


“We have this never-say-no attitude, where we would always look out for one another, and help each other.” 



We invest in our staff members by providing great opportunities for further development through studies. Many of our staff members are on learnership programmes that help them to the next employment level and finally help them earn more money 

For example, if someone comes into our organisation as a sorter and have the required diligence to do their job well, we will make an opportunity available for them to do their driver's license which could create a new level of employability for that person. Once a person has a driver's license, and they can acquire some leadership and managerial skills, it could pave the way for accelerated career development and career growth.

Take a moment to watch Jeff's inspiring story at WastePlan and see firsthand how we invest in our staff and provide opportunities for growth and development.


Ultimately, what sets us apart in the waste management industry is our unwavering commitment to zero waste to landfill, our cutting-edge data reporting capabilities, and our dedication to the wellbeing of our staff.

Speak to our Zero Waste specialists and see how we can improve your waste management journey. 

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