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Profitable shopping centre waste management

By Bertie Lourens 21st February 2018 Cost Efficiency

In the February 2018 edition of Shopping and Retail magazine, WastePlan CEO Bertie Lourens writes about profitable shopping centre waste management. The nature and importance of the relationship between a client and their waste management service provider is a central theme together with waste reduction and the value of recyclable items.

Lourens writes that “It is imperative to choose a company that has waste reduction at the core of its business model.” He continues: “Reducing and recycling waste is the primary objective. The more WastePlan recycles the more rebates our clients get back each month. The business relationship is a partnership where both parties win financially through the reduction of waste volumes.”

Case studies at Lakeside Mall as well as a mall in the Western Cape are referenced in the article.

Read the article here.


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