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NEM Waste Act - Landfill Restrictions [Explained]

By Mike Pienaar 24th March 2021 Waste Legislation

In a previous post we walked you through some of the new and amended legislation to impact your business in 2021. Some, like the carbon tax, are fresh on the SA scene, while others, like the NEM (National Environmental Management) Waste Act, have been driving environmental legislation for years. Regardless they are all pretty complex and could do with a user manual just to help interpret and navigate their guidelines.

In this post we’ll take a deeper dive into the amended NEM Waste Act, section 5 in particular. There are a stack of restrictions and bans on waste disposal which you’ll definitely want to know about.

Here’s a list of the past and latest waste disposal restrictions, and how they will impact your way forward.

National Legislation - Landfill Restrictions 
This legislation reflects national policy. Please ensure you're aware of any additional legislation that may be required at Provincial level.


“Help! I’m not compliant! What now?” - Get help
Specialists like WastePlan can help optimise your product efficiency, eliminating the excess from your production line and future proofing your business with a sustainable waste strategy. We can help reduce and repurpose your current waste streams, and develop a way forward that will ensure sustained growth through challenge and change.
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Environmental legislation is constantly changing these days, so it's important that you stay informed and agile to respond to these changes as they occur. As a leading specialist in the field of sustainable waste management, We will help you apply best practice solutions to develop resilience and attain long-term success.

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