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How to choose the right waste disposal company [checklist]

By Bertie Lourens 8th January 2019 Waste Management

There are many factors to consider when choosing a waste disposal company! We’ve put together a useful checklist to help you make this decision, with all the key factors in mind.

  • Are they accredited?  

No doubt, it’s vital your provider is legally accredited and regulation compliant. Look for a provider who is as legit in practice as they are on paper.

  • Will you know where your waste is going?

You need to know exactly how and where that waste is headed. Do they have credible and comprehensive feedback structures in place to keep you in the loop at all times?

  • Are they fully invested?

You’re looking for a partner behind the logo, not a faceless someone you pulled off the internet. Are they relationally and strategically co-invested to see your waste management goals achieved?

  • Do they offer additional services?

You need a full package that can separate and safely remove your hazardous waste, and then optimise your recycling streams from what’s left over. Will your provider be equipped and accredited to manage these different processes in a way that makes most financial sense?

  • Are they worth what you’d be paying?

Look for the balance between high quality service and fair price. A good waste management partner will cost you something, but it shouldn’t blow the bank either. Is this investment worth what you’d be getting back?

Have questions or still unsure where to from here? Get in touch with us. We’d love to assist you in making this vital decision and seeing a customised waste management strategy for your company come to life.

Did you know, your waste has a value? That means that not only could you be saving money by knowing what waste you have, but you could potentially make money from your waste.

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